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Babies have genius potential. A child's
gift of genius is developed through
much nurturing in the home.

Wonderful Child Brain


Mobility - part 1

Every baby has genius potential
Scientists and educators have found that every baby has genius potential, yet we recognize that a child's education must begin early in order to develop the potential it has. Pregnancy is not too early to start, as evidence indicating that the developing fetus can learn is ever mounting.

Focus on early learning
The moment a child is conceived is not too early to start focusing on the child’s vast learning potential. In the fetus the brain is developing rapidly. The right hemisphere is highly active while the left hemisphere is relatively dormant. In this manner, the soul of the child is endowed with extra-sensory perception, which is carried out through the phenomenal fetal right brain in connection with every single cell of the fetal body—the cells themselves being ESP receptors.

The connection between mobility and brain development
Child brain development specialist Glenn Doman discovered the connection between mobility and brain development. Starting from birth children should be given every opportunity to acquire mobility. In the BOOK How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb, published by Doman, you will find his scientific research on brain growth as it corresponds to physical development and mobility. It is a book every parent should have because the physical condition of a child is foundational to brain development and the formation of learning capabilities.

In the past, emphasis on developing physical soundness stressed muscular development rather than brain development. Muscular development is still essential, however, physical growth takes place because of brain development. The converse is also true. Physical development stimulates brain development.

A child has greater brain capacity when on a physical development program
Developing and maintaining the physical form is vital. Make it a pivotal part of your child development program, and you will not be sorry. Because the body and brain work together, a child who is on a physical development program will have greater brain capacity than a child who is not.

Physical activity stimulates brain growth
Physical activity stimulates brain growth in much the same way that physical exercise causes muscles to develop. Physical exercise activates nerve cells in the brain and stimulates them to create neurological pathways. The brain grows by use as these pathways are developed. The specific exercise of crawling and creeping is as vital in stimulating healthy brain growth as it is in stimulating healthy physical development. In Doman's BOOK How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb, he gives specific instructions for giving the baby optimum opportunity for crawling and creeping.

The Developmental Profile chart
There are 7 stages of brain development that can be measured in 6 distinct areas: seeing, hearing, language, sensory perception, mobility, and manual dexterity. In Doman's BOOK How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb you will find a developmental profile chart. The profile provides a time frame and shows the 7 stages of brain development that occur within these 6 areas of physical development. A color band represents each stage of brain development. We can measure a child's overall growth by observing his progress in the 6 areas as he moves through the 7 stages.

Mental achievement related to physical achievement
It is important to understand that these 6 areas of child development are related. Doman found that if a child improves in one area, such as hearing, Doman would find some improvement in all the other areas as well. This demonstrates how physical achievement is associated with mental achievement. The amount of crawling and creeping a baby does will have an effect on how well that child can see and hear and how well he will be able to speak and read.

The stages of brain development
The medulla, at the base of the brain, and the spinal cord are colored red in the developmental profile and, functionally, the medulla and cord is a unit. Stage I is the Medulla and Cord stage of brain development, which deals primarily with reflexes. Stage II, colored orange, is the pons stage. In stage II the pons is developing and an infant learns to crawl. Stage III, colored yellow, is the midbrain stage. In stage III a baby learns to creep.

No pressure, no force
Giving a child abundant opportunity to develop mobility and providing encouragement will enable the child to make rapid progress. This does not involve pressure or force, as it is harmful to hurry or push a child through any of the developmental stages. A child's brain has to fully develop in the previous stage before it is ready to develop in the next stage. It takes hard work on the part of the child in each successive stage before the child can successfully graduate to the next level of brain development.

Do not aid walking
The more that a child crawls and creeps, the more that brain development will take place, so do not try to make or assist your child to walk.

Mobility - part 2

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