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      It is my belief that life is sacred and that each person is created divinely in the image of God. I apologize that this article can only briefly touch upon the subject of what God is, and say that God is both the eternality of being and the totality of being, and that meditation upon "eternality", "totality", and "being" reveals absolute perfection.

      The indwelling genius potential of each and every child, created in the image and likeness of God, as the Judeo-Christian bible declares, is yet another proof of the value and sacredness of life to those who have their hearts and minds attuned to a higher reality than what the bare outer senses are capable of apprehending.     

      Sacrificing a child's life in abortion is an act of supreme selfishness culminating in the brutal killing of an individual in all of his God-given potential. On the other hand, when things are challenging, a woman has the opportunity to make a selfless decision by choosing to keep her baby or by offering the baby for adoption to a loving couple.

      There are many thousands of couples waiting to adopt a child that desire nothing more in life than to love the child that is not wanted or able to be cared for by the birth parent, including the handicapped child.

Pregnant? Need help? You have options!

      Science backs the fact that there is severe pain inflicted on the fetus undergoing an abortion. The neural pathways for pain are present early in life and the nervous system is highly responsive.

      The fact is scientifically established that the embryo, or fetus, that is being attacked in the womb flees the killer's instrument. But it has nowhere to go and it backs up against the wall of the uterus! If the baby were merely protoplasm it would lie there like a lump and be murdered without a response. Every person is made of protoplasm! With human life the cells are integrated into a conscious being that has life and existence in many dimensions and a reason for being in the physical plane. The reaction of the fetus is visually documented. The silent scream is heard!

      In addition, there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence, which cannot be ignored, showing that an unborn child has incomparable awareness – even awareness on an extrasensory, psychic and cosmic scale!

LINK to Learning in the Womb

      We believe that it is God-ordained that every child conceived of father and mother should come into embodiment, except those few recalled from the womb by the Creator, or, perhaps, in cases where the mother would forfeit her life if she brought the child to term, or in cases of rape where the victim did not entice the attacker, or in cases of incest.

      Still there are many cases of pregnancies that were declared medically unsafe where the mother and child both lived, and many rape victims have raised a child whom they dearly loved. A woman needs to have a close walk with God in making this decision.

If you are contemplating abortion,
LINK will tell you what you need to know
about the soul, karma and reincarnation.

      The issue of rape and incest ties in with the degree of perversity and IMMORALITY that we see in every facet of society, propagated by the entertainment industry, the educational establishment and the media. Therefore, no one is safe –especially children and youth.

      So wonderfully are we wrought and made in His Image, in all of our God-given potential that is so evidenced in the life and awesome genius potential of the newborn! Who is to say that among those aborted there is not an Einstein, a Beethoven, a George Washington, a Florence Nightingale, a Louis Pasteur, a Madame Curie, a Gandhi, a Mother Teresa, a Maria Montessori, a Confucius, a Zarathustra, a Buddha, a Krishna and a Christ? It seems very likely that there is!

      Who is to say there is not another just like you and me?

      The killing of the unborn child is not an option without dire, far-reaching consequences. We are aware from the bible and from archeology and history of the sudden destruction of nations and civilizations, both by cataclysm and by war. We are shown in the bible that civilizations that engaged in child sacrifice were judged by God and were destroyed. The master Jesus warns us about hurting the little child. This is a message that is prevalent in all of the world's major religions!

      To be pro 'choice’ in the matter of abortion is to be pro 'death' in one's choice, and the seeds of death are sown in the wind. By accepting the philosophy that allows for abortion, it follows that God is not the creator of life and has no authority over life or death, and that life does not issue forth or return to the Creator at His Word. 

      Given this humanist philosophy, life is not sacred and the lives of many have no value. Life in all of its splendid potential and magnificence is undermined, and today we see ourselves overshadowed by a culture of death.

      It is a myth to think that if one person, or group, or class does not have the right to life that any person or group or class has the right to life! As soon as the right to life is denied to the one – humanist rationalizations will have clouded and muddled the decision making process, and life may be, at any stage, denied, ikewise, to any individual or group where it is deemed socially convenient or expedient to terminate life's opportunity.

      Death looms largely in modern society, and every form of wrongful death can be seen in every area of life, clamoring for legal precedence and social acceptance: abortion at every stage including birth, euthanasia, the killing of the elderly, the killing of the handicapped, eugenics, suicide, etc.

      With this daunting list, social cleansing based upon educational background and economic status cannot be far behind!

      The patriarch Moses said, "Choose life, not death!" With all due respect for free will, it is the individual who must make the choice. And as we sow, so shall we reap!

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Male and female energy comprise the whole of being. The spiritual union of Twin Flames results in creativity on a cosmic scale and can be seen to equate with the sexual union of father and mother in the planes of matter that results in the conception of the child.

This is my perspective on the indwelling worth and unlimited potential of human life in the womb.

If you are contemplating abortion, this LINK will tell you what you need to know about the soul's coming into embodiment, karma and reincarnation.
This is a detailed account of what is happening with the child's developing body during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also see "LEARNING in the Womb".
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