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  • I almost cried when I found this web page. I have searched in vain for a place to research how I can maximize my child's potential and I have found that people do not take kindly to that goal. It is nice to know that you understand infant learning and that it is not an attempt of parents to create super children....The reality is that all children can be bright if they are challenged and encouraged. Thank you so much....

  • I am so excited when I got to know about this website. This is the one I have been looking for. I had surf thru' website which gives me lots of goodies and important information.

  • information provided at your website. Like one of your respondents, I left a high flying career six months ago to tend to my daughter, then 18 months and now about 25 months. I've been struggling (but happily so) to unleash whatever potential she has, and have been searching in vain for a website like yours on educational alternatives... I've already enrolled her into a Montessori playgroup at 18 months (considered unthinkable in my mother's time)... but I'm just thrilled to see that she ACTUALLY looks forward to the FUN and LEARNING in school!!! So, our children really CAN start learning effectively that young!!!

  • Also, like one of your respondents, I've only surfed your site for about 30 minutes...but feel it is the BEST I've encountered. Will definitely recommend your site to my other aspiring mothers...

  • Children are the future of the Earth. Your activities are excellent towards making of the new world with everlasting peace.

  • I am teaching my grandson to read, with the method of The National Academy for child development, and I find your site very interesting.

  • "Congratulations for making such priceless material available to all, for free. My brothers and sister grew up learning with the flash card and math dots method. Seeing the good result that this has in their lives inspired me to want to offer the same to my son as well. Being a missionary in Brazil makes it hard to come by material such as these, not only are they difficult to find but very expensive. I was overjoyed when I found your site and I pray that God will bless and make your work prosperous."

  • "Hi, I have read from your web site about educating babies. Both my wife and I are amazed by the results and we have already got the recommended teaching materials and are preparing to start with our two-month old daughter very soon.

  • "I'm so excited to find out about you. My daughter and son-in-law are in their 30's and are ready to start their family. you are exactly what I am looking for for them."

  • "I used the methods of Dr. Glenn Doman to teach my son to read and understand math while he was an infant. He is 9 years old now and doing well in school. He has been reading since he was a toddler. It just came natural for him. He started doing 4 and 5 digit math calculations in second grade, when his school started to teach the other students one digit calculations. Thanks for getting the word out. I first learned of this method in the late 60's when I saw a demonstration on the Merv Griffin show. It surprises me today when I explain to the educators of my son's school why he is such a good student and their response is that they have never heard of this method. Almost forty years have past and it is still not an accepted method of teaching. What a waste of brilliant minds. Thank you again."

  • "Your Child Genius Magazine is wonderful! Thank you so much for all the relevant information! My relationship with my daughter has transformed ever since I started her on the math dots. Even if I'm not the best teacher, we are both having fun learning together!"

  • "I found you on the Internet, researching Kindermusic. Very interesting articles! Would love to be on the mailing list. Thanks!"

  • "Thank you so much!!!!"

  • "Please keep me informed. Thanks."

  • "This is the most wonderful web site I have ever seen! I learned so much in the last half hour! And I am very excited about using some of these techniques with my daughter. Thank you for all of this information."

  • "Your issue looks great!"

  • "I am in the process of writing a non fiction book... I have downloaded a copy of your Child Genius Magazine, and have found it to be the most relevant to what I have to say."

  • "I am your magazine reader in Malaysia. I get very excited when I read your magazine. I think your magazine is very suitable for me to get the information about the self improvement such as RIGHT BRAIN EDUCATION that is introduced in your magazine... THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

  • "I just wanted to say thanks! I had searched through many sites looking for flash cards that can be printed out. I had no luck until I ran across your page. With much appreciation."

  • "I am interested in bits for Math. Could you give me some information about it or similar material? Can I download some of it from the Net?" (Yes, now you can download Math Cards.)

  • "Do you have any representatives in Brazil? I'd really like to have some of your material and books, especially the "Math-dots" and book that goes with it."

  • "Thank you for all the great information."

  • "Congratulations on a great magazine and the content. Being at home from the Corporate World for the first time in my life, often leaves one in the dark with the great challenge of parenthood."

  • "I have just read the article you had in your magazine on the web site about Montessori. I thought it was very good and a tribute to your magazine, well done."

  • "I read with interest your article on Madam Caspari..." (This reader wanted to contact her about her Montessori teacher training program.)


Children and youth, the family, America and the nations are all under fire.. It will take heroic effort and a higher way of life to turn things around.

Articles will help you discover what the child needs to have available in the home environment for optimal learning.
Affordable online training and a wealth of free information for parents and teachers – moving early childhood and elementary education forward.
For parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, childcare providers, and anyone who loves children.

Male and female energy comprise the whole of being. The spiritual union of Twin Flames results in creativity on a cosmic scale and can be seen to equate with the sexual union of father and mother in the planes of matter that results in the conception of the child.

This is my perspective on the indwelling worth and unlimited potential of human life in the womb.

If you are contemplating abortion, this LINK will tell you what you need to know about the soul's coming into embodiment, karma and reincarnation.
This is a detailed account of what is happening with the child's developing body during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also see "LEARNING in the Womb".
Making all the difference in the lives of many precious children. $20 per month enables a child living in the New Jerusalem Children's Home to attend Montessori preschool.
Studies prove children are endangered by CELL PHONE radiation and they shouldn't use them.
Some INFANT DEVICES can kill or do harm.


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